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 Many people are finally reaching the age of 62 where they can now lay claim to some of the payroll taxes they have shelled out during their working life.  Those people who were born in 1946 that lay claim to their social security benefits this year will receive a reduced benefit for life, compared with those who hold out until what the Social Security Administration deems their full retirement age which now is 66.  If you hold out to age 70 you will bring in even a larger check.  Waiting until age 70 to claim your social security can increase your check by as mush as double of what it would be if you were to claim social security at age 62.  Between the ages of 62 and 66 your social security benefits increase by 7% per year.  From age 66 through 70 it increases by 8% per year.

Also, if you are still working and claim social security benefits you may be taxed on your benefits if you are earning too much.