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September 2022 Newsletter

  • Earn 9.62 Percent Tax- Deferred Interest with Series I Bonds
  • New and Improved Energy Tax Credits for Homeowners
  • Claiming the ERC When You Own Multiple Entities
  • New Business Tax Credits for Your Electric Vehicle Purchases



August 2022 Newsletter

  • Claim Your 2020 and 2021 ERC Now (Yes, in 2022)
  • Earn 9.62 Percent Tax- Deferred with Series I Bonds
  • Investing in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)



July 2022 Newsletter

  • Self-Employment Tax Basics
  • Self-Employment Taxes for Partners and LLC Members
  • New 62.5 Cents Mileage Rate
  • Paying Your Child: W-2 or 1099?



June 2022 Newsletter

  • Alert: A Massive New FinCEN Filing Requirement Is Coming
  • Deduct a Cruise to Mexico
  • Are Self-Directed IRAs for Real Estate a Good Idea?
  • The IRS Wants to Know about Your Crypto



May 2022 Newsletter

  • What’s the Story on the Employee Retention Credit?
  • Wage-and-Hour Rules During the Pandemic
  • The Ongoing Problem: Abusive Tax Shelters
  • Know the Tax Rules for Employee Loans