IRS representation and help with your taxes in the Bloomington and the greater Minneapolis region. Call (952) 881-2607 to speak with Dan Vitello, Enrolled Agent an IRS tax professional.

Bloomington Minnesota

Bloomington is the fifth largest city in Minnesota and located just ten miles outside of nearby Minneapolis. Though considered to be a bedroom community it actually has more jobs per capita than both Minneapolis and St. Paul providing over 100,000 jobs. Additionally Bloomington is home to the "Mall of America" and boasts over 8,000 hotel rooms making the city a destination for both vacations and business travel.


The IRS has offices in Bloomington, and nearby St. Paul, and Minneapolis. It is imporant to seek professional tax help before dealing with the IRS. If you have any unfilled returns, received a bank levy, need help preparing your taxes, have had your wages garnished or any other tax related service We can help. Contact Dan Vitello at (952) 881-2607. His office is located in Bloomington Minnesota on Penn Ave.


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