An Expatriate is a US citizen who lives in a foreign country. Anyone working abroad is considered to be an expatriate as well as retirees who choose to live out their retirement years in foreign countries. There are also different codes for those who have renounced their citizenship as well.

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) sections 877 and 877A apply to US citizens who have renounced their citizenship and long-term residents (as defined in IRC 877(e)) who have ended their US resident status for federal tax purposes. Different rules apply according to the date of expatriation. If the individual renounced their U.S. citizenship or terminated their resident status for tax purposes after June 3, 2004 are required to certify to the IRS that they have satisfied all federal tax requirements for the 5 years prior to expatriation.

Any individual that has expatriated should make sure all of their tax returns are filed, regardless of whether full payment of the tax liability can be made. There are payment plans available. Call us at 1.800.IRS.HELP for advice on Expatriate services.

Expatriate Tax Services

  • Unfiled income tax returns, expat tax returns

  • Delinquent (FBAR) reports and penalty abatement

  • IRS audit and appellate representation

  • Tax return preparation for expatriates and foreign nationals

  • Assistance with complex social security rules for the self-employed

  • Amended tax returns and refund claims

  • Tax planning and compliance for U.S. nationals working overseas

  • Statement of specified foreign financial assets (Form 8938)

  • RRSP and RRIF (Form 8891)

  • Information return by a shareholder of a passive investment company (Form 8621)

  • Tax analysis for renunciation of US citizenship or resident alien status

  • Expatriation and repatriation counseling

  • Non-resident alien married to U.S. citizen

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