In certain cases the IRS will discharge a tax lien that has been filed or in some cases they will subordinate.

We can help you submit the proper forms to obtain a discharge or subordination of lien.


A lien discharge means the IRS removes their lien from your property so that you may transfer the property with a clean title to a new owner.  This is required if you are selling your property and there aren't enough proceeds to pay your tax debt in full.  Most attorneys do not have the knowledge to obtain a discharge, which could lead to you being unable to finalize the sale.  IRS Help has the knowledge you need.


A subordination of lien allows you to obtain financing with a lending institution to pay a portion of your tax obligations.  Lenders generally won't finance with a Federal Tax Lien in place.  With IRS Help's knowledge and expertise, we can assist you with your financing needs.

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