If you received a Notice of Federal Tax Levy 668(a) that means your account is frozen. Unfortunately this will not go away on it's own. You need to call 1.800.IRS.HELP today.

The IRS gives you up to 30 days to respond. Often times you may not even receive this IRS notice due to a change of address. The IRS probably sent the notice to the bank source on file. There is a 21-day window before the bank has to send your money to the IRS. If you call us during this time we can get enough information to more than likely have your bank levy removed.

The IRS is going to want a financial statement before the levy will be removed. This requires a Form 433A be filled out completely along with additional supporting documentation. We will help you with this process so there is no reason to worry. Just call 1.800.IRS.HELP.

Steps Needed to Remove Bank Levy

  • Gather complete tax history

  • File power of attorney with IRS so they have to deal with our firm

  • File all necessary forms and supporting documentation

  • Release of Federal Tax Levy issued

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