Most frequently used tax forms with the IRS

You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these printable forms (.pdf format) from the IRS Web site. There is no charge for Acrobat Reader.

Form Title IRS Form Number
Power of Attorney Form 2848
Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-employed Individuals Form 433a
Collection Information Statement for Business Form 433b
Request for Copy or Transcript of Tax Form Form 4506

Understanding your IRS notice

Below are some of the notices you may have received from the IRS. For a detailed explanation, click the link below, or see the page Understanding Your IRS Notice at the IRS Web site.

CP Number Notice Title
CP 12 Math Error - Overpayment of $1 or more
CP 14 Balance Due, No Math Error
CP 49 Overpaid Tax Applied to Other Taxes You Owe
CP 90 CP 297 Final Notice - Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
CP 91 CP 298 Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits
CP 161 No Math Error, Balance Due
CP 501 Reminder Notice - Balance Due
CP 504 Urgent Notice - Balance Due
CP 523 Notice of Default on Installment Agreement
CP 2000 Notice of Proposed Adjustment for Underpayment/Overpayment

State Amnesty Programs

Other Resources

Internal Revenue Service

The official U.S. government Web site of the IRS. Search tax topics, find contact information and download any IRS form you need.

Better Business Bureau

Make sure to search BBB records before hiring someone to represent you before the IRS.

US Treasury

Access information about online tax filing, tax and wage reporting and access important IRS tax forms.

National Association of Enrolled Agents

Only Enrolled Agents, CPAs and attorneys can represent you before the IRS. This is a searchable directory of Enrolled Agents. Names must be typed *exactly*; and some EAs will only be registered in one state although they can practice in others. Search the Enrolled Agent directory.

American Bar Association, Tax Section

Get tax tips, links to information on tax law.

Citizens for Tax Justice

Get tax news and information from this is nonpartisan, nonprofit research and advocacy organization dedicated to fair taxation.

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