Update on Equifax Breach and Tax Returns

Update on Equifax Breach and Tax Returns

Posted By: Jennifer O'Neill // Sep 27, 2017

The recent Equifax Data Breach has affected roughly 143 million taxpayers. This data breach exposed the names, SS#'s and mailing addresses of those effected. However, the IRS states that this information would likely not be helpful for anyone who obtained this information to file a successful Tax Return. The Security Summit has 37 Data Point Filters and new processes in place that should prevent the successful processing of a fraudulant Return without additional information. 

IRS also states that if you have been one of the affected or compromised taxpayers through this breach, and you know for a fact that someone is attempting to file a fraudulant Tax Return, then you should contact the IRS through using Form 14039- "Identity Theft Affidavit" 

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