Why Choose IRS Help?

Why Choose IRS Help?

Posted By: Jennifer O'Neill // Oct 31, 2015


I’m having tax problems and I’m receiving all sorts of solicitiations from people who want to take what money I have left in exchange for promises to help me out.  Ho should I go with IRS Help Inc? Why is IRS Help different? What sets IRS Help apart?


Answer: When you want answers, come to us and think “HELP.”  Here are some salient points:

HELPING- IRS Help Inc believes that Internal Revenue Service problems are a symptom of a larger problem, such as cash management and/or improper planning.  We look at the whole picture and do consultation and review work to insure that the situation does not occur again!

EXECUTION- We use Power of Attorney to represent our clients.  Many others just used Form 8821, strictly a tax information form.  This form authorizes an individual to receive and inspect information but gives no power to represent, execute waivers, consent or to close agreements.  The 8821 is useful only for audit, not collection.  When IRS Help is involved, we, not you, meet with the IRS.

LOCAL- With IRS Help, the person you meet is the person who will handle your case.  We don’t send “scouts” to sign agreements and get the client’s money.  We are there to meet the client and develop an understanding of that client’s particular situation and problem

PERSONAL- The person who signs the Power of Attorney is the person who will handle the case.

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