New York State Driver's License Suspension

New York State Driver's License Suspension

Posted By: Jennifer O'Neill // Jan 9, 2017

If you owe income tax to the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance, you are subject to having your New York State Driver's License suspended.  Certain driver's are not subject to suspension for unpaid taxes, including:

  • Drivers holding a commerical driver's license, and
  • Persons making certain child or combined child and spousal support payments.

If you work, you can get a conditional driver's license which allows you to drive to and from work only.  

A client of mine recently had their driver's license suspended for failure to pay her income taxes.  She did not meet any of the exclusions and is not employed.  I submitted a New York State Offer In Compromise on her behalf.  Once the Offer was received, New York State Department of Taxation & Finance lifts the driver's license suspension.  You can log into the New York State DMV and, after establishing a log-in and password, can check the status of your driver's license. By doing so, my client was able to see that her license had been reinstated.

Prepared & Submitted by:

Sandee Strachan, Vice President of Operations

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