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Our Staff has over 100 years combined experience helping individuals and businesses with their IRS and State tax problems.

IRS Help Inc will represent you before the taxing authorities, so instead of hassling you, they will need to work through us. We have helped thousands of taxpayers tackle their IRS and State tax issues and have negotiated millions in savings for our clients. We will work out the best solution to your tax problem. Possible solutions to your state or IRS tax problems include: a payment plan, an “offer in compromise”, a tax settlement or possibly abatement of the penalties associated with your tax debt.

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Our Tax Help Process

At IRS Help Inc., our philosophy is ensuring your long-term success. A tax problem is most often only a symptom of a bigger problem. We not only fix the tax problem, but also devise a plan and strategy to get you on the right track to future financial success and relieve you from tax debt.


Tax Consultation

100% Free Initial Tax Consultation. We will meet with you in PERSON and go through your entire financial situation to see if you qualify for tax help.


Tax Investigation

After filing a Power of Attorney we will work with the IRS and/or State tax authorities to determine a potential preliminary tax help plan for you.


Tax Resolution

Negotiate with the IRS and/or state based on the tax help investigation, in step 2. We will also work with you to keep you compliant with your taxes going forward.


Tax Freedom

Once we have completed our tax help plan you will finally be free of the burden of your tax debts. Case closed.

Client Testimonials

  • I have worked closely with IRS Help almost eight years - since late 2006. They have handled a few tough IRS issues for me. I could not possibly praise or recommend IRS Help more for: their professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, attention to the client, and compassion. Whatever I have spent on them has been repaid handsomely. Their honesty, integrity, and simple forthrightness are truly second to none. I have been ready to give in and up more than once and they have calmed me down with the right and honest answers. My agent, Jim Rindfleisch, EA, has been beyond exceptional and all my dealings with the firm's Principal, Jack O'Neill have been equally exceptional. My wife says that the day we met IRS Help was a blessed day for our family. They shoot straight and help you to be straight.

  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Jim and IRS Help for your exemplary work in solving our tax problems.  You and IRS Help were very understanding and showed great interest in our financial matters.

    It was because of your knowledge and understanding that we were able to head in the right direction both successfully and financially.

    Again, I would like to express my gratitude to Jim Rindfleisch for his time and dedication in helping us solve our financial matter.

  • I called the 1.800.IRS.HELP to get assistance with a situation I am having with the IRS from a debt of my ex-husband.  They were able to get me set up with a local representative who met with me face to face and is going to help me with my IRS Problems


  • The representative I got in touch with through the website gave me the information I needed to deal with my small IRS problem on my own.  I am very happy that there are still some honest people out there who don't just want to take my money


  • This letter is to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Jack O’Neill and Ralph Meleo of IRS HELP INC., for the invaluable assistance they provided me in my difficulties with the IRS, The NYS Tax department and the Xerox Federal Credit Union. Following my discharge from bankruptcy, the IRS and NYS Tax department relentlessly pursued me for withholding taxes that were not paid by a corporation in which I held the majority shares – thus, the start of my worst nightmares.

    Thus, in total, IRS HELP INC., saved me $865,500 and gave me my life back. Without these two men, my life would have remained a total financial disaster, which certainly would have had an adverse impact on both my physical and mental health.

    I am now gainfully employed and have purchased a new home for my wife and me. This could not have happened without Jack O’Neill and Ralph Meleo. 


  • Mike I cannot thank you and Jack enough for what you are doing for us.  If we get this money it will get our home out of foreclsoure.  Thank You.

  • During the past 25 years, I have been pleased to recomend the services of IRS Help, Inc (formerly Equity Search) to clients and friends who have experienced difficulties with Federal and/or State tax authorities.  I have known John O'Neill for three decades.  He is a former IRS agent who is thoroughly familiar with Federal and State collection procedures and who has engaged the support of an able, well trained staff of professionals to competently aid those who require assistance and representation in tax matters.

    My law firm has found IRS Help to be invaluable and we recommend their services without reservation.

  • Mr Rindfleisch- This is just a short note to thank you for your outstanding efforts to resolve our outstanding debt and issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

    To be able to settle a $70,000 plus claim for substantially less than 5% is, in a word remarkable.  But it's more than the savings- it is also the piece of mind this is over and we can begin to repair our financial situation and credit.

    For what it's worth, I have shared this experience with others, including professionals in the legal, accounting and insurance professions; all are nothing less than astounded

  • Due to many mistakes, some within my control, some not, I found myself a single mother with a million dollars worth of tax liabilities and my business seized by the IRS.

    Still owing more than I could pay, I received a letter from IRS Help,  I was desperate when I contacted Jack O'Neill.  There are single events that impact your life.  Meeting Jack O'Neill and working with him and the staff of IRS Help is one of those single events.

    IRS Help works with people who, for whatever reason, are experiencing crisis.  They hold your hand and help you through the crisis.  When tax liens were removed, IRS Help celebrated with me.

  • I just wanted to write to express our appreciation to you and IRS Help for resolving our serious problem with taxes owed to the IRS.  The amount had gotten out of control and reached over $20,000 and I am so thrilled that you were able to get them to settle for $2,500!

    It is such a relief to have this weight off my shoulders- It was really affecting my ability to run my business, and now I can concentrate fully on that.

    Again, Thank you so very much for saving my company from certain disaster.  I will be happy to reccommend your company to anyone I know who runs into a similair tax situation

  • Thank you for your excellent professional help and advice that will definitely make your firm the most recommended for resolving complex tax issues.  My best wishes to you and your staff.

  • Dear Sandee:

    I am writting this letter to say "Thank You," for bringing my long battle with the IRS to a very satisfactory ending.  It took nearly nine years of my time, trying to work with  the IRS to resolve my tax predicament- always on their terms only.  I believed that I could handle my tax problems by myself.  I was wrong.

    In the fall, I was referred to IRS Help and quickly found out how your expertise in dealing with the IRS made all the difference.  Your professional and expedient service helped me regain control of my finances and my life.  The IRS is truly difficult to deal with.  Because of your efforts on my behalf I am now able to start planning for the future and move on from that degrading and terrible ordeal.

  • Dear Sandee-

    It is with the utmost gratitude that I am writing this letter of thanks for all the years and countless hours that you have spent on my case.

    I have been battling this tax issue with the Internal Revenue Service for about 25 years.  I would always run into a roadblock and it just seemed as if the nightmare I was living was never going to end.

    They say God sends angels to watch over you and I must say he did that in you and IRS Help, Inc.  I am not sure if I ever thought this IRS debt would ever clear up, but I knew you were handeling it so I was okay.

    I will be forever grateful and indebted to you for all you have done for me seeing this through to the end.  I never had to call and ask what was happening ever.  You always called me and kept me up to date.

    There are many companies out there who take advantage of people that are in a desperate situation and just do nothing for them, but I will tell anyone if you need help wiht the IRS, I have the perfect people for you.

    Yes, there is someone out here that will stand up to the IRS; and that is IRS Help, Inc.

  • Jim-

    This letter is intended to express my appreciation and gratitude to Jack O'Neill and Jim Rindfleisch of IRS Help, Inc, for the assistance they provided myself and my wife with the IRS audit.  Upon notification of said audit, I contacted Jack O'Neill, a former business associate, who immediately introduced us to Jim Rindfleisch.  Him was able to negotiate a settlement with the IRS and then New York State.  His experience and knowledge of the IRS code, together with his relationship with the IRS audit team and managers, was invaluable to our outcome.  Jim's professionalism and compassion went a long way in curtailing the fears, trials, and tribulations of an IRS audit.

    It is my pleasure to recommed IRS Help, Inc and, in particular Jim Rindfleisch to assist anyone with a similar IRS issue.  Their company offers top-notch service and reasonable rates.  My wife and I were extremely impressed with their quality of work.  We could not have accomplished our favorable outcome without their assistance.

    Again, thank you for such an outstanding performance.  With deep appreciation for a job well done.


    Denny and Jackie

  • I was referred to James Rindfleisch with IRS Help Inc by my CPA, I was years behind on unpaid taxes,15 years and $120,000 to be exact.

    James was very professional and his knowledge, confidence and years of experience in the business help put my thoughts at ease.  All those years of stressing about taxes, threatening letter, liens on my credit report, are all gone now.  It has been a lengthy process but in the end it was worth the time and money.  My final settlement I paid out was only $1,984, BIG difference from what I owed.  I'm on the right track now with my taxes and wish I would've done this years ago.

  • Dear Jim,

    I would like to take a moment to first thank you for all your diligent work on my case which was very difficult to say the least.

    Looking back to when we first started after being audited I must to say I was scared because I had never been audited before and as you know I kept poor records. You quickly gave me good advice and acted on my part in a very knowledgeable and professional way.  I know that because you stayed on top of things and challenged the IRS numerous times, you saved me thousands of dollars.

    I would be most happy to recommend your firm and specifically you to anyone who should deal with the IRS. In short, I am and have been very pleased.

  • I would like to sincerely thank IRSHELP, and in particular, Ralph Meleo for their help in resolving an overwhelming tax matter. Ralph worked tirelessly to unburden me of my tax issues. His knowledge and attention to detail allowed me to move forward with my life without looking over my shoulder, or dreading going to the mailbox for fear of another bill from the IRS.

    Again, thank you to IRSHELP and Ralph for all your help. You have been a life saver!

IRS Enrolled Tax Professionals

With local tax professionals all over the country, we are able to meet with you face to face to help you resolve your IRS and/or state tax problems. The professionals at IRS Help Inc. have decades of combined experience in giving tax help and solutions to businesses and individuals who are thousands of dollars in tax debt. Call 1-800-IRS-HELP and see what we can do for you.

John (Jack) J. O’Neill, EA

John (Jack) J. O’Neill, EA

Chairman of the Board

Before opening his own tax consulting practice in 1984, Jack spent 11 years with the IRS as a Revenue Officer, Group Manager of Processing and Insolvency, and Senior Technical Advisor. Jack was a...

Jennifer O’Neill, MBA

Jennifer O’Neill, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer obtained her MBA from Canisius College and her BA in Business from Boston University and is the CFO of IRS Help. In addition to her CFO duties, Jennifer is the bankruptcy research...

Patrick O’Neill, EA

Patrick O’Neill, EA

Enrolled Agent

Patrick spent seven years as a technical specialist in the IRS Collections Division before leaving to join his father in private practice. Patrick has over 17 years of experience in the tax...

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